Schwingenabdeckungen mit Kettenschutz matt MTS /PP/RS Ilmberger Carbon US
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Swingarm cover with chainguard matt MTS/PP/RS

Schwingenabdeckungen mit Kettenschutz matt MTS /PP/RS
The Carbon Swing Arm Guard for the Ducati Multistrada V4 Pike's Peak covers the swing arm below and complements the rear fender to create a cohesive overall look at the lower rear!

The final clear coat comes in a silk matte finish and matches the clear coat used for Ducati Performance parts.

For our carbon fiber, we exclusively use Prepreg material that is specifically manufactured for this purpose and similar to what is used in Formula 1 and space travel. The material is laboriously hand-laminated and cured in several stages in an autoclave, resulting not only in a unique appearance but also exceptional technical properties. With the same volume, it has three times the specific stiffness of steel and weighs only a fraction of its weight due to its low density. These properties are particularly pronounced in our material due to the high fiber volume content.

To optimally protect this high-quality material from environmental influences, we use a specially developed plastic coating on all surfaces, which in combination with our clear coat creates an unprecedented and unique depth effect that particularly highlights the high-quality material.
To make installing this part as enjoyable as riding it, we use only the original mounting points.
The Facts:
- With ABE
- No additional registration required
- Sealing of all surfaces (inside and outside) with a unique plastic coating to protect against environmental influences of all kinds and provide an optimal base for the additional clear coat
- Additional clear coating on all visible surfaces for a uniquely smooth surface
- Multilayer UV protection layer to prevent aging processes in the material
- Delivered in ready-to-install condition
- TÜV-certified quality
- Made from specially produced Prepreg material for Ilmberger
- Manufactured in our own production according to ISO 9001
- Installation using the original mounting points

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