Front Fairing Racing BMW M 1000 RR from MY 2023 Ilmberger Carbon US
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Front Fairing Racing BMW M 1000 RR from MY 2023

Verkleidungsoberteil Racing BMW M 1000 RR ab 2023
The front fairing for the BMW M1000RR Racing is part of the race fairing kit of the BMW M1000RR Racing. It is mounted via quick fasteners and not compatible with the original fairing parts.
The Winglets are screwed directly to the front fairing and it can be taken off as a three part unit within seconds. In contrast to the 2022 model the wind drag on the rider is reduced and the big surface on front allows an easy mounting of the starting number. 

A Carbonfairing is the lightest possible way of producing a fairing and protects the parts underneath on an extraordinary high level.
In order to obtain a harmonious overall picture, the fiber layers are inserted and aligned in the mold by experts. The carbon part fits perfectly into the surrounding shapes of the motorcycle. The more of our parts are installed and combined, the more overwhelming the result.

For our carbon we only use prepreg fabric specially produced for this purpose, which is also used in a similar form in Formula 1 and space travel. The material, which is elaborately hand-laminated and cured in several stages in the autoclave, not only impresses with its unique appearance but also with its unique technical properties. With the same volume, it has a specific stiffness three times as high as steel and at the same time, due to its particularly low density, only a fraction of its weight.

In order to optimally protect this high-quality material from all kinds of environmental influences, we are the only carbon manufacturer worldwide to use a specially developed plastic coating on all surfaces. In combination with our clear varnish. This ensures a previously unattainable and unique depth effect, which allows the high quality of the material to come into its own.

If the fornt fairing should be mounted on the original fairing holder an aditional holder is needed. The holder also includes the preperation for the use of quick fasteners. If needed, just write a short ­e-mail and we put the holder to the package without additional costs.
The facts
- racing part, not for street use
- improved cooling capacity for the brake
- better protection of the lower fork tubes
- Sealing of all surfaces (inside and outside) with a unique coating to protect against environmental influences of all kinds
- Delivery ready for installation
- made of prepreg material specially produced for Ilmberger
- Manufactured in-house according to ISO 9001
- Attachment using the original attachment points
- quick and easy assembly

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