Ilmberger Carbon US


BLACK DIAMOND CARBON - the latest creation from Ilmberger and this offers you, as the name suggests, the possibility to style your motorcycle with an even more exclusive touch. The carbon parts in the forged carbon design combine our proven Ilmberger quality with a striking appearance away from the usual carbon texture. The optics known from the sports car sector can be ordered from us in a matt and glossy surface and is made exclusively and only on order for each customer individually.


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Like every part of Ilmberger Carbon, these carbon parts are also manufactured using proven technology and guarantee maximum strength, dimensional stability, accuracy of fit and longevity. The production of complicated shapes is no problem for Ilmberger and it is possible to manufacture every part of our  portfolio in Black Diamond Carbon as well.


BLACK DIAMOND CARBON - the new exclusive style!

For your request or an personal advice please contact us by mail or call us +49 89 6133893.


BMW R Nine T gloss finish


Ducati Monster - Black Diamond Carbon matt finish

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