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Belly pan left gloss Ducati XDiavel'18

Motorspoiler links glanz Ducati XDiavel'18

The belly pan for the left side in Carbon with gloss surface for the Ducati XDiavel 2018 is a direct replacement for the original plastic component and contributes mainly to weight saving on the motorcycle and a higher stiffness of the parts. The glossy carbon is in contrast to the matte carbon that is delivered by Ducati Performance. The special 3D-structure of the carbon fibres looks even more spectacular with the glossy surface. The Ilmberger Carbon bellypan is extremely close to the bike to preserve the X-Diavels impressing lean angle.   
Our carbonpart weighs just around 120g!

Like all of our carbon fibre parts, it was made according to the latest protocols and industry standards and can be considered to encompass all aspects of current 'best of industry' practice. The part is made completely out of pre-preg carbon fibre materials using an autoclave. As with all our carbon parts, we use a clear plastic coating that not only improves the appearance, but also protects the carbon fibre from scratching and has a unique UV resistance.

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