Bellypan one piece street version BMW M 1000 RR 2021 Ilmberger Carbon US
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Bellypan one piece street version BMW M 1000 RR 2021

Verkleidungsunterteil Strasse BMW M 1000 RR 2021
The bellypan long version BMW M 1000 RR road replaces the original component using the original mounting points.
Attached in just a few minutes, the value of the motorcycle is thus increased again enormously. To achieve a particularly harmonious overall appearance, the fiber layers are inserted and aligned evenly in the mold by experts. In this way, the carbon part nestles perfectly into the individual surroundings of the motorcycle. The more of our parts are installed and combined, the more stunning the result.
For our carbon, we use only prepreg fabric produced specifically for this purpose, which is also used in a similar form in Formula 1 and aerospace. The material, which is laminated by hand and cured in several stages in an autoclave, not only has a unique appearance but also impresses with its unique technical properties. With the same volume, it has three times the specific stiffness of steel and at the same time, due to its particularly low density, only a fraction of its weight. These properties are particularly pronounced in our case, due to the high fiber volume content.
In order to optimally protect this high-quality material from environmental influences of all kinds, we are the only carbon manufacturer in the world to use a specially developed plastic coating on all surfaces. This, in combination with our clear varnish, provides an unprecedented and unique depth effect, which shows off the high quality of the material to its best advantage.
The kit is light as a feather and made of special heat-resistant prepreg to protect against discoloration caused by the intense heat on the pre-silencer. The generous cutouts also serve to dissipate the heat and the component is also provided with an internal heat protection film. 
This Bellypan fits also on the S1000RR Models with the steel manifold. 

The facts:
- With general operating permit (ABE)
- Sealing of all surfaces (inside and outside) by unique plastic coating to protect against environmental influences of any kind
- additional high gloss clear varnish on all visible surfaces
- optimal protection against UV light
- delivery in ready-to-install condition
- manufactured from prepreg material specially produced for Ilmberger
- Manufactured in our own production according to ISO 9001
- Mounting using the original mounting points

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