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In 1990, Julius Ilmberger founded the Ilmberger Carbonparts company with the aim of selling carbon-fibre parts of the highest quality. Today the company has established itself as a recognised specialist for high quality carbon and racing accessories.

Since 1987, Julius Ilmberger has been active in the sport of motorcycle racing, and as a perfectionist, he always endeavoured to optimise his machines down to the last detail. He recognised early on the unquestionable advantages of carbon material, and this inspired him. At that time however, carbon fibre parts were either unavailable, bad quality, or only available at prohibitive prices. His personal fascination for carbon, his vain search for suitable products, and his ambition in the sport of motorcycle racing finally caused Ilmberger to produce the desired parts independently, and to use them in the sport of racing. Soon enough, back in the pits, Ilmberger's numerous sporting colleagues also wanted to benefit from the advantages of his creations. From individual favours to colleagues, bit by bit, Ilmberger went into series production of quality carbon parts. In 1990, the demand had become so great that Ilmberger founded his own company: Ilmberger Carbonparts. His feel for the advantages of carbon fibre in racing sport, and his role model function as a successful racing driver, increased demand, creating a steady growth in production.

The fast-growing popularity of Ilmberger Carbonparts created extra demand in production for an increasing number of racing sport accessories. These higher production figures had the effect of making the products more affordable, so that the range of products became broader, and bit by bit even the demand for carbon fibre parts for street motorcycles can be met. At the beginning of the 90s, Ilmberger was the first to succeed in gaining TUV approval for a carbon fibre tank which met the strict criteria of the safety standards authority.

However, it was not only the business which grew steadily. The areas of application for carbon fibre also expanded. In 1993, for example, Julius Ilmberger brought a racing motorcycle with carbon fibre reinforced Sicom brake discs to the start of the Daytona 200 mile race – an unbelievable fact at that time.

Since end of the 90s, all products from the house of Ilmberger Carbonparts are supplied for standard motorcycles with ABE (General operating permit), so that the buyer can apply the accessories directly to the motorcycle without additional verification expenditure.

In 2001, the company moved its manufacturing little by little to autoclave production. The latest landmark is the safety standards authority certification attained in 2010 for the clear synthetic coating which is permanently ageing-proof, weatherproof and ultra-violet light proof due to its carbon fibre content.

All Ilmberger Carbonparts products are developed and produced consistently to comply with the strictest standards. Before a part goes into series production, whether for racing motorcycles, standard bikes or cars, numerous checks are carried out – not least the tough long-run tests which guarantee the durability of the products in extreme situations. The hardest of the testers is still Julius Ilmberger himself: It is only when he himself has personally examined a carbon part in actual racing situations that he feels that the part is good enough for his customers, because the perfectionist always guarantees the best possible quality.

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